Rumors are swirling around Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, he is going to be the newest member of the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. Wait, what?

No, Cristiano does not moonlight as a rapper in the Spanish capital. According to a report from TMZ, Lil Wayne is set to jump into the sports management world.

“Our sources tell us … Weezy has been wanting to get into the sports management game for a while and has had his sights set on the Team Portugal stud … not just because he’s a huge sports star, but because they’re friends,” reported the entertainment site.

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“We’re told Weezy’s company will be working with PolarisSports — which is affiliated with the CAA agency and GestiFute — through which Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes operates,” they added.

The Portuguese international would be his first client.

The rumor seems to have some validity to it as Cristiano Ronaldo tweeted a picture of himself with the Prime Minister of Japan and other throwing up the YMCMB sign.

“Our sources tell us Wayne’s company will handle Ronaldo’s sports management affairs in the United States — everything from branding to marketing and endorsement deals. Even modeling,” TMZ also reported. It isn’t the first time a rapper/sports agent wants to get a piece of a soccer superstar. Jay-Z wanted to sign Neymar to a similar deal where he would represent him in the United States.

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Twitter reacts to the Cristiano Ronaldo rumors

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