I been waiting on this topic for a long time. I wanted to find all the right words and to make sure I did it right. Plus I wanted to see how far the hate and slander would go and to see how real it was. Every once in a while an artist comes along and people decide on what “passes” to give them. White rappers get passes and International rappers get passes and female rappers get passes.

What do I mean by get passes? The people that will say stuff like

“Man! The white dude snapped on that!”

“Dude is from like London though….”

“She got BARS to be a female…I dig it”

I don’t like all that because I come from a “Hot or Not State of Mind.” Meaning I don’t care what color, gender or geographical location someone is, if you got BARS or if I just like what you are doing, then it’s Thumbs up. I don’t like it…Thumbs Down. Period.

Iggy Azalea happens to have fair skin, be a female and from Australia. I don’t have time to play the race card and say “because she’s light she’s white.” I knew an Australian girl who had long flowing curly hair and was brown skin…You know what she considered herself? Australian. Not Mixed, Not Black, Not “Creole”[Which by the way is NOT a real race of people] Australian or “Aussie.”

Recently, there has been nothing but slander, disrespect and discrediting to Iggy and her career. People want to see her fall, people want her in beef and she is either getting too much or too little credit depending on who you are talking to. Why? Because she followed the Rap Superstar Format that’s why.

This may be a shocking revelation to some of you but, some people are in the Music Industry and specifically hip-hop to make a lot of money and to become Superstars. Everybody is not concerned with “Keeping It Real” and “being down.” Some of you confuse it with “selling out” and we’ll talk about that soon. The Rap Superstar format has been in full effect since the ’80s. Iggy is following suit. You are just mad. You are just being a hater. I will prove both in a few prime examples

Iggy is ugly: WRONG! Yes, it’s a matter of opinion but Iggy is a GORGEOUS looking female. She look like she about 5’10, long legs, nice eyes, her skin look soft and she has a cute accent. Right now we have no reason to believe she has had any cosmetic surgeries. You know who is not that pretty? You know what…let me chill.

Iggy Don’t Write Her Raps: Ok. For the sake of an argument lets say you are absolutely correct. However, don’t say that as the end all be all trump card to your conversation. Why?

Because Biggie wrote “Queen Bish” for Lil Kim and many other songs

Because Eazy E’s Debut album was 100% written by Ice Cube and MC Ren

Because The Game’s Album “The Documentary” started off as 50 Cent’s “The Massacre”

Because Jay-Z Wrote Foxy Brown’s Verse on “Affirmative Action” and Dr Dre’s “Still D.R.E”

Because Big Daddy Kane wrote for Biz Markie before he got his chance to shine

Because Diddy told us through another rapper [Possibly 50 Cent] “Don’t Worry if I write Rhymes I write checks”

Using “Iggy don’t write” is like O.J being mad at Rae Carruth….If that went over your head, Google Rae Carruth.

Iggy is on a major label, that’s why she popping: DUH! The point of being a recording artist is to make hit records that are for sale. If you don’t make hits or get sales, you get dropped. Why is that so difficult for people to understand? You want to know some other people who are popping because they made hit records on major labels?

M.C Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Nelly, Eminem, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Ja Rule, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne. So your point about her being popping on a major is what now?

Has Iggy “saved hip-hop”? No. Hip-Hop doesn’t need saving and until females become a powerful 51% of the game, that will never be a reality. Is Iggy the Hottest female rapper in the game right now? Yes and No. Nicki took a break, Kim had a baby, Jean Grae hasn’t dropped to common knowledge, Remy hasn’t been released yet, nobody has seen Trina, Foxy or Shawnna musically and nobody is checking for Joseline and Karlie Redd no matter what reality show they are on. Charli Baltimore has dropped but she is Indie and I believe officially living in Detroit now. So YES, Iggy took over while all that happened, as she should have. The year is not over and it may be hard for y’all to believe but five or more female emcees can shine at one time.

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