I been waiting on this topic for a long time. I wanted to find all the right words and to make sure I did it right. Plus I wanted to see how far the hate and slander would go and to see how real it was. Every once in a while an artist comes along […]

When you decide you want to become a celebrity, you leave yourself out there for constant judgement and scrutiny. While some celebrities deal with the harsh glare of the spotlight better than others, at some time, you are going to reach a point where you snap under the pressure to be a robot. Singer/actor Ray […]


  According to the Huffington Post, during an interview on the Arsenio Hall Show, the Preachers of LA discussed the backlash that they have been receiving for their teachings and their ways of living life in front of the camera. It was an interview not to be missed! Said Bishop Clarence McClendon.   “Anytime you’re moving into […]

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  After the disastrous #AskDraya debacle earlier this week on BET’s 106 & Park, questions were posed to Draya Michele about her parenting skills and the people who flat out roasted her on Twitter about being a “dead beat mom”. When asked about how she handles all the negativity and “haters,” Draya said: “Well, I […]

What is a ‘Jayter’, you ask?  It’s someone of some importance who for some reason or another can not fathom the thought of Jay-Z succeeding without acknowledging them.

I was recently the victim of vicious rumors that I found extremely upsetting. Some individuals (who remain unknown to me), who obviously don’t know me, said that I was “whoring around” – sleeping with multiple guys in the music industry at the same time. When the rumors got back to me, I was really shocked! […]