I don’t know about you, but I hate watching the roasts of celebrities now. They’re just so unfunny and filled with comedians where you’re looking at your TV screen saying, “Who?“, as they try and get the roastee with their lame attempts.


Thanks to the site Kottke, who uncovered a never-before-seen 1977 roast of the late and great Richard Pryor, we get to see how a real roast is supposed to be. Because his NBC variety show, “The Richard Pryor Show,” was coming to a close, the cast — which included Tim Reid, Robin Williams, and Paul Mooney — decided to roast the comedian.

The show went off the air early when “Pryor refused to cooperate with the network’s changes.”

A few awesome things about this roast:

  • We get to see Paul Mooney with hair.
  • People smoked on live TV! (Smoking isn’t cool, but since this was filmed when we didn’t know that, we’ll give it a pass.)
  • Pryor made jokes of gay marriage when it wasn’t even a thing.

Watch the entire roast below!

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