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Biopics are obviously in demand after the success of Straight Outta Compton. One that’s been in the making for a while is Richard Pryor‘s story. The Weinstein Company finally revealed who’ll appear in the highly anticipated biopic. It’s a star-studded cast to say the least. As expected, Mike Epps will play Pryor. Nick Cannon was reportedly in consideration for the role, but he eventually […]

We were thrilled to find out that Mike Epps will play Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, and Epps couldn’t be more excited himself. The actor-comedian says that he is “humbly nervous” to play the legendary comic. According to ABC Radio, though Epps is anxious about the role, he hasn’t done much to prepare for it. “Richard Pryor, man, this is […]

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Entertainment Tonight and Variety have confirmed Eddie Murphy is scheduled to join the cast of Richard Pryor’s upcoming biopic. Murphy, who like Pryor has enjoyed his own success as both a standup comic and actor, is slated to play the role of Pryor’s father, LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor. Empire co-producer Lee Daniels is on board […]

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Some 30 years after late actor/comedians Richard Pryor and John Candy starred in the comedy reboot of Brewster’s Millions, The Five Heartbeats co-writer and director, Robert Townsend has been helmed for an update. The 1902 novel was reformatted into a play in 1906, and been adapted for the big screen ten times, including the Pryor […]


After months of debates and rumors swirling around which actor/comedian would play the legendary Richard Pryor in the long-awaited biopic of his life, Oprah Winfrey finally confirmed who would play the iconic funnyman. Oprah shared on social media that Mike Epps was indeed the man for the job. If you remember, a few months back, […]

I don’t know about you, but I hate watching the roasts of celebrities now. They’re just so unfunny and filled with comedians where you’re looking at your TV screen saying, “Who?“, as they try and get the roastee with their lame attempts.      Thanks to the site Kottke, who uncovered a never-before-seen 1977 roast […]

It seems that the family of mega-star actor/comedian Richard Pryor is at odds over who should play the notorious comedian in a biopic that is being worked on. According to TMZ,  Nick Cannon seems to think he has the role of Pryor locked up for a new biopic … but Pryor’s kids told TMZ that they don’t think he is […]

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  The man we know as Tim The Tool Man Taylor from “Home Improvement” and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” thinks that he as a comedian should be allowed to use the N Bomb and that everyone should really just accept it because he is not a racist in his heart. We’re speechless!  Check it […]

Marlon Wayans has a new film out in theaters today, the horror-comedy entitled, A Haunted House, but I’ve been wondering if the long-delayed biopic about the life of legendary comedian Richard Pryor is any closer to filming. In short, no, as revealed in a new Q&A with Shadow and Act. Hopefully that’ll change for the […]

Quite often, one of your Facebook friends will dedicate their profile picture and status to a late celeb, but others recognize people who were blessed enough to survive life-threatening accidents. You would never be able to tell some of them were in life-threatening accidents. Here are some celebrities who used their circumstances to celebrate life, […]

The 1973 concert film/documentary, Wattstax, documented a 1972 concert in Los Angeles featuring some of the largest acts in soul music.