Quite often, one of your Facebook friends will dedicate their profile picture and status to a late celeb, but others recognize people who were blessed enough to survive life-threatening accidents.

You would never be able to tell some of them were in life-threatening accidents. Here are some celebrities who used their circumstances to celebrate life, make people laugh and offer good music.

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Richard Pryor

In 1980, Richard Pryor suffered severe burns due to an freebasing accident involving 151-rum. He has been known to joke about the incident in his stand up work, specifically on “Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip,” when he compared himself to a burning match.

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston crashed into a bridge while jet skiing near his home in Miami in May. Since the accident, the Jamaican-native is focusing on weight loss and healthy living.

Kanye West

Chicago rapper, Kanye West, made his breakthrough as a rapper in 2003 with “Through the Wire,” which story lined a freak car accident. Kanye’s mouth was healing when he recorded the track.

50 Cent

It’s no secret that 50 Cent was shot nine times in his hometown of Jamaica Queens. He has lived to reminds us all about it through every album cover, song lyric and interview.

Martin Lawrence

In 1999, Martin Lawrence took a jog and passed out from heat exhaustion. Let Martin tell the story, it was the “hottest day of the year.”

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