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If you are an aspiring rapper, do not diss Beyonce for attention and fame because the BeyHive will rip your self-esteem to shreds.

Aspiring rapper/model LIV caused a stir last year when she claimed rapper Jay Z tried to get her number when Beyonce wasn’t around. LIV said she and Jay Z never had any sexual contact, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to capitalize off her smidgen of infamy. LIV recently dropped a new song called “Sorry Ms. Carter” where she disrespected Beyonce multiple times.


LIV alluded to rumors of Jay Z’s infidelity with the line, “Be a lonely chick, before I’ll be a number two.” She goes on to allege that Rita Ora slept with her Roc Nation boss in order to get signed. The disrespect doesn’t end there. You have to watch the video below to catch all of it.

After the video was released on the Internet, the BeyHive swarmed LIV’s social media accounts and commenced to stinging her. The BeyHive, who quite literally worship the ground Beyonce walks on, defended their queen by threatening LIV with bodily harm. The BeyHive also had jokes for days about LIV’s song and video with the general consensus being that the whole production is marred in struggle.

Take a look at some of the things the BeyHive said to LIV in response to her song “Sorry Ms. Carter.”

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