The alleged altercation between Diddy and Drake was apparently about money, and not Cassie, as previously speculated. TMZ is reporting that the two met outside of Liv nightclub in Miami, and the topic of conversation was business related. Their voices raised and an eyewitness stated that Diddy told Drake, “You will never disrespect me” […]

Wow! This chick LIV must really not fully understand the possible ramifications of her actions! Beyonce fans are fanatical in every sense of the word but Nicki fans go even harder in some instances! According to Vlad TV, indie rapper LIV has once again started firing shots at Beyonce over claims that Yonce’s hubby Jay […]

If you are an aspiring rapper, do not diss Beyonce for attention and fame because the BeyHive will rip your self-esteem to shreds. Aspiring rapper/model LIV caused a stir last year when she claimed rapper Jay Z tried to get her number when Beyonce wasn’t around. LIV said she and Jay Z never had any […]

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For someone who claims she doesn’t want fame for being an “almost Jay Z Jumpoff” she sure does keep on talking! But we digress. LIV who says she is now in the industry (a rapper) wants everyone to clap for her because she did not behave like a jumpoff. Most of us don’t behave like […]