Former NBA player Delonte West made an interesting confession to Vice Sports in a recent interview. The new father explained that he did not name his new son Delonte West, Jr because of a persistent rumor.

In 2010 Delonte was a teammate of LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers and an unsubstantiated claim began to spread that West had slept with King James’ mother Gloria. Despite denials from all parties involved, the hearsay would not go away because of LeBron’s poor performance in the NBA playoffs that year.

However, in this clip from the interview West states that he didn’t want his son to suffer because of something he DID.

“I didn’t want my son going to school and people making fun of him for something his daddy did,” he says. “‘Oh, didn’t your daddy have sex with LeBron’s momma?’ Man I don’t need to deal with all that. I’m not living for just me anymore…”

So when it came time to name his new son, Delonte went with Cash after Cassius Clay and Johnny Cash.

This may be an incomplete edit of the interview and we don’t know what was said prior, but he didn’t use the words “might have done” or “supposedly had done” when talking about the rumor. Does this mean he did it? Not necessarily, but in an age with cupcake makers in Ohio are leaking info about where LeBron will play who knows who to believe anymore. And if the rumor wasn’t true, why would it matter?

And let’s put the rumor aside for a minute. What about those gun charges where you kept the ratchets in a violin case Delonte? You weren’t worried about your kid being called El Mariachi? Guess not.


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