This Bill Cosby news has me torn. When the allegations first surfaced, I was reminded of vague memories from what I read on the tabloids…


Former NBA player Delonte West made an interesting confession to Vice Sports in a recent interview. The new father explained that he did not name his new son Delonte West, Jr because of a persistent rumor. In 2010 Delonte was a teammate of LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers and an unsubstantiated claim began to […]

Producer Swizz Beatz and his wife Alicia Keys announced on Instagram that they were expecting a second child. The power couple is celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today and used the occasion to share the news of their next little one. “Love is life & life is love and we’re so excited for another GIFT […]

Happy Friday!  In the next update of our “Fatherhood Fridays” we find more famous faces who are really having a ball with their  kids. Singer Ne-Yo seems to have passed on his hat swagger to his son, Mason and Wiz Khalifa took he and Amber Rose’s son out for a swim.  Peter Gunz got in […]

The award for Coolest Dad of the Week has to go to Lance Underwood for his creative reworking of classic album covers. With the cooperation of his two sons he flips vintage artwork from groups like Mobb Deep, Outkast, Gang Starr as well as soloists like John Coltrane and Nas and Ice Cube. We’re not […]

The only things entertainers show off on Instagram more than their cars are their kids. Scroll through the feeds of the popular social networks and you will see who is having a birthday, who is playing a sport, who is getting a haircut and who is really ready for a nap. It’s a side of […]

Pharrell’s Oscar-nominated hit record, “Happy” has had quite a few makeovers, but none quite like this. Oakland, California based producer, DJ and drummer DJ LV has taken the song and re-worked it into an homage to good fathers called what else…”Daddy.” “Christmas gifts, birthday cards and the latest Jordans,  yeah, that’s cool and all. But […]

Just a few weeks ago actor/rapper Tray Chaney released the latest single from this “Hungry, Humble, Honest” EP called “Dedicated Father,” the follow-up to the popular, “Fatherhood.” Now he has released the visuals to the heartfelt song, his ninth video as a solo artist. For this clip the veteran of HBO’s “The Wire” created a […]

Actor turned rapper Tray Chaney is back with the next installment in his ongoing series of songs dedicated to highlighting the special place a father plays in a boy’s life. The latest single from this “Hungry, Humble, Honest” EP is “Dedicated Father,” the follow-up to the popular, “Fatherhood.” Must Watch: Tray Chaney’s Positively Gangsta Rap […]

Idris Elba is not alone.  While there are plenty of men who are rightfully chastised for abandoning their responsibility as fathers, there are those who are lead to believe they are parents only to find out that is not the case. Being adored by women around the world, having two movies (“Pacific Rim,”  and “Mandela […]

                 Since finding success in the music industry in 2002, rapper/actor 50 Cent has been known to get angry and say some things he might regret in the future. He definitely is feeling a little remorse after a text conversation with his son was leaked to the internet. 50 Cent had an argument with his […]