Instagramming pics isn’t enough when it comes to social causes, and neither is just idly tweeting about it. Nothing is more effective than getting in the thick of it all, like J. Cole did when he went to Ferguson last Saturday (August 16).


He spoke with Complex about why he visited the Missouri town, and why he wants to take on more of an active role in activism.

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While he wants to be more active, J. Cole does not think it’s an artist’s responsibility to speak on what’s happening if they don’t feel it is fit for them. “Do I wish more [artists] did it? Yes,” he said. “Everybody is at certain place with their life. A week ago I wasn’t in this place. Something happened that made me get to this place, so I can’t knock the next man for not being in this place. i hope one day they can get there because it matters.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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