A federal lawsuit seeks to compel federal agencies to release surveillance data of Black Lives Matter protesters. The plaintiffs suspect that the FBI and DHS have violated the constitutional rights of demonstrators.

A federal judge has scheduled an October 2016 trial for the wrongful death lawsuit brought against the city of Ferguson by Michael Brown Jr.’s parents after…

A Ferguson, Mo. family is desperate for answers after the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl identified as Jamyla Bolden.

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Fresh tension has arisen between St. Louis, Missouri residents and police officers following a shooting on Wednesday morning that has left yet another black teen dead. The community had just begun to calm down following days of protests and confrontations with police in the wake of the 1-year anniversary of 18-year-old Mike Brown’s death, which […]

A Facebook post shared by a St. Louis officer is being investigated by the local police department. The officer appeared to be bragging about the…

August 9, 2015 marked the one-year shooting anniversary of Michael Brown. The senseless shooting spawned nationwide protests and greatly influenced the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Celebrities, activists and advocates for justice lobbied for change. Among those celebrities was Nelly. The St. Louis rapper is familiar with the police brutality in Ferguson. During an exclusive interview, in promotion […]

As a community grapples with the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown and yet another Black male shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, a heavily armed White militia group arrived on the scene Monday, swiftly drawing criticism from police and protesters alike. Reuters reports that the group allegedly appeared in bulletproof vests and […]

Just a day after the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, the city of Ferguson was placed in a state of emergency, leaving many to realize not much…

While flying in town to perform at Chosen for Change Foundation benefit for the late Michael Brown, Hot 104.1 invited rapper Talib Kweli on our Town Hall meeting to give his thoughts on the one-year anniversary and what we can do to change the landscape of our neighborhoods. Kweli expresses that fighting the problems not […]

Tyrone Harris, the 18-year-old that was shot by Ferguson police after allegedly firing at officers at the one-year anniversary of the protests in the city,…

Future’s “March Madness” is not exactly a Civil Rights song. It’s not an uplifting song. It’s not a socially-aware polemic against the system. What it is is another standout example of what Future does best: catchy, drug-riddled bangers soaked in codeine and autotune in equal measure. But, somehow “March Madness” manages to be the exemplar […]

The possibility of a fresh start worked the room, as dozens of job applicants waited to be interviewed. Their thoughts were private but their presence demonstrated a resilience no government statistic could quantify. Maybe they didn’t know Michael Brown personally, but they were all too familiar with the narrative and the way his death had […]