Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Musician: Talib Kweli

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While flying in town to perform at Chosen for Change Foundation benefit for the late Michael Brown, Hot 104.1 invited rapper Talib Kweli on our Town Hall meeting to give his thoughts on the one-year anniversary and what we can do to change the landscape of our neighborhoods.

Kweli expresses that fighting the problems not just about protesting but it has to lead to action.

“We live in communities that deal with systemic racism. It comes from slavery. It comes from Jim Crow, and it comes from capitalism having the need to over-criminalize communities, and people of color so that it could usher bodies into the prison industrial system, which is basically the new slavery.

“It’s about finding out schools and community centers don’t get the funding it needs. We need to get people active in the voting process.”

Kweli has always been very vocal about issues in our community from Police Brutality to the lack of resources. We can’t complain about people not seeing the work if you are not paying attention.

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