Actor Kevin Sorbo thinks the protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the shooting death of college bound teen Michael Brown are doing more harm than good. His Facebook rant about has us ready to declare war on him.

The former “Hercules” star has always been a staunch conservative and claims the civil unrest in Ferguson is just “an excuse to be the animals these losers really are.” He also believes the protests have nothing to do with the death of an unarmed teen at the hands of a police officer. Instead, he writes that it’s more about people who’ve failed in life needing to blame for their personal issues on others.


“Hopefully this is a reminder to the African-Americans that their President the [sic] voted in has only made things worse for them, not better,” he wrote. I thought we were all Americans. Oh, well.

Sorbo continued his onslaught of insults by posting comments from an article in the Jewish World Review, “Media Clueless About the Inner City.”

As much as Sorbo had to say about the Ferguson protests, he’s been radio silent since outlets have started reaching out for comment. We can’t help but think this might still be a case of sour grapes now that his believed Hercules role was given to a Black man in the movie reboot.

You can read his rant in its entirety here.

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