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Now, we don’t usually seek out things to agree with Momma Dee on but this time she might be right. Her son, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy may need to get his women together, as he seems to have lost control of the situation. His various women at the very least need to understand that loose lips sink ships! Because they continue to spill all the tea and in a very public way we might add!

According to TJB, Shay Johnson (aka “Buckeey” from Flavor Of Love) claims that though she may not have been on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this past season, she was still playing a starring role in the life of Lil Scrappy!

Says Johnson,

“Scrappy and I are actually still dealing with each other. We still do. We were dealing with each other throughout the show off and on. There’s a lot that goes on outside of the show that the public doesn’t get to see. No, I wasn’t on the show at all with Scrappy, but I dealt with Scrappy off and on, the entire season. He still ain’t went nowhere.”

A lot of times I wish I never done anything sexual with Scrappy. No type of relationship on that level at all because it really destroyed our friendship. We tried to get it back, but we’re attracted to each other and we did a lot more outside of just being friends. I do care for him. I have much love for him, forever. But being with him in the future, I can’t predict that. My focus is somewhere else. He ain’t going nowhere and I don’t care who knows about it.”

Johnson also took shots at “The Bambi” and called her names like cry baby.

Johnson said,

It’s not my fault she [Momma Dee] doesn’t like Bambi. I didn’t tell her not to like her. She don’t like her because she’s a nag and she’s a cry-baby, and she whines over every little thing. I was told Bambi was always whining and crying because she always wanted that relationship with his family that I have.”

First Erica Dixon, the mother of Scrappy’s little girl came forward recently and claimed he was still messing around with her and now this.

Again we must ask, what the heck is Lil Scrappy doing to these girls to get them so stuck on him? The world…may never know!




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