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After the way this duo brought the dog gone ruckus on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show this week, we thought they would  chill for a while and get some perspective on a few things.

But according to Vlad TV, Stevie J recently jumped on Twitter and suggested that we will be seeing even more of both him and  Joseline Hernandez on our TV’s soon.

Just a few days after Stevie and “his wife” showed completely off on LHHATL,Stevie announced that the couple may have a new show in the works.

Said Steven Jordan,

“Coming Soon!!! #StevieandJoselineShow”

He also went on to say that him and his Puerto Rican princess are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

Oh how charming.

While little details are known about the show, the couple is currently making club appearances before Joseline’s performance at the third annual Female Hip Hop Honors awards in L.A.

After what we saw the other day, it seems like maybe there are other things for them to be focusing on before they worry about a new show or public appearances….just saying.

Again, we have to wonder who is looking out for Hernandez’s best interest? Whomever it is, we sure wish they would do it.

Now Discuss!



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