With the eyes of the world on Janay Rice, wife of former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, there is very little that we know of her. We know that she was assaulted in an Atlantic City elevator by her then-fiance. We know that since the footage was released of the assault that she has come to her husband’s defense. Here are five things you need to know about Janay Rice.

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Janay met Ray Rice when she was in high school

She was 16 years old she first met Ray. She is from Mount Vernon, New York, and Ray is from New Rochelle, and the cities are close to each other, according to HLN. Their first official date was at the Cheesecake Factory in 2008. After she graduated from high school she attended Westchester Community College and Ray went to Rutgers University, and they kept in touch over the years.

She’s a mom

Ray and Janay had their first child, a girl named Rayven, in 2012 while she was still in school. According to Calle:

“For me to say I can’t finish school because I’m a mother is unacceptable. Ray has been through so much in his life. If he can overcome things, I can certainly do so as well.”

Her graduation gift from Ray was a proposal and engagement ring

Janay ended up graduating from Towson University with a degree in communications. He also surprised her with a new cars. According to Heavy:

“I almost passed out when he told me the car was mine. I’m just happy I decided to be nice that day instead of letting him get his own wallet,” she said at the time.

They married one month after the elevator incident.

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