Basketball is coming to the Starz Network in the form of a new show called “Survivor’s Remorse.” The show tells the comedic story of a young basketball phenom who hits the big time with a multi-million dollar contract to play pro hoops in Atlanta, and how his newfound fame and fortune impact relationships with family and friends. Check out a run down of the characters below!


 Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher) 

A baller who worked his way up from the Boston projects to a contract in Atlanta. Now he has to decide who to help – and not to help – on his way up the ladder.

Reggie Vaughn (RonReaco Lee) 


There are many distractions on the road to success and Cam’s cousin, best friend and confidant Reggie keeps him on the straight and narrow – or at least he tries to. Loyal to a fault, Reggie is always there.


Uncle Julius (Mike Epps)



The de facto patriarch of the family, Uncle Julius is Cassie’s brother and Cam’s uncle. He’s a loving man who would be with the family even if all their newfound success went away. However, he plans on sticking around and enjoying it until it does.

Mary Charles “M-Chuck” Calloway (Erica Ash) 


M Chuck is Cam’s older sister, staunchest defender and his biggest fan. Her forthright, blunt and bold attitude often chafes against the expectations of their newfound Atlanta royalty status and the Cam “Brand” that Reggie works hard to foster.

Cassie Calloway (Tichina Arnold)


A proud mother ready to live the life of a baller’s mom, Cassie doesn’t let her brash attitude and new lifestyle deter her duties as the rock of the family. She’s unafraid to do what’s right in any given situation.


Missy Vaughn (Teyonah Parris)

Beautiful, socially aware and refined, Missy is starting a good life for Reggie and herself in Atlanta, a place she’d rather not be. Whether it’s getting Cam involved in charities or picking out a country club, Missy’s social awareness often clashes with the band of misfits that is the Calloway family.

The first season of “Survivor’s Remorse” premieres on Starz October 4.

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