One of the best parts about watching TV is the ability to live tweet every thought, feeling and emotion you have while watching. Twitter gathered the data in an infographic of just how many people were anticipating this fall season premieres and compared it last fall. So far, over 21 million tweets have been sent, […]

It’s impossible to successfully watch every single new show that premieres during the Fall TV season. If you did, you’d literally be delegated to your television each and every hour of your day. Since we want you to actually have a life, we’ve narrowed down the top picks of the fall TV season. There’s something […]

Meagan Good is super successful at starring in TV pilots, like her upcoming show Minority Report, which will premiere on Fox this fall. As far as staying a successful television star, that’s an entirely different story. We’ll see how the veteran actress will do against the competition. So far, the show’s only true competition is ABC’s Dancing […]

For TV lovers, there isn’t a more joyous time of year than fall TV season. And ABC just dropped us off a sack of gifts. The network revealed its fall TV schedule, and it looks like we’ll have to wait for Shonda Rhimes‘ next show, The Catch, during the mid-season. Until then, open up your mobile […]

Basketball is coming to the Starz Network in the form of a new show called “Survivor’s Remorse.” The show tells the comedic story of a young basketball phenom who hits the big time with a multi-million dollar contract to play pro hoops in Atlanta, and how his newfound fame and fortune impact relationships with family […]

When I found out about Black-ish, a new comedy focused on an upper-middle class Black father worried about his family losing its Black identity in the midst of his come up, I was not beaming with excitement. With that sort of premise, you can easily predict what you’re going to get: jokes themed around Black […]

Black women are really getting a chance to shine on network primetime TV this fall! Check the scoreboard…or your local listings. Representation matters, it’s gratifying to see that we’re becoming a bigger presence on the primetime landscape. That’s not just because Black women are starring in so many shows, it’s the fact that we get […]

Three Black women. One night. Are you ready? Not only is “Scandal” back on ABC this fall for season 4 with Kerry Washington (minus her baby bump — and  those awkward shots hiding it) and our favorite “Gladiators” (minus Columbus Short), the fan favorite show is airing on teh same night as “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11 and the debut of […]

What is “Dracula?” “Dracula” is a new fall 2013 TV show set to premiere Oct. 25 on NBC and air Fridays at 10PM. The series stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and is a retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic “Dracula” story. MUST SEE: Black TV 2013: Fall and Winter Preview This time, the titular vampire arrives in […]

What is “Resurrection?” “Resurrection is a new 2013-14 TV show due to premiere on ABC in early 2014. The mystery series, which stars Omar Epps, is set in Arcadia, Missouri, a small town where residents’ deceased loved ones suddenly begin turning up and freaking everyone out. MUST SEE: Black TV 2013: Fall and Winter Preview […]

What is “Believe?” “Believe” is a new NBC TV show produced by J.J. Abrams and set to premiere in 2014. The series stars Johnny Sequoyah as Bo, a young girl with special powers ranging from levitation and telekinesis to predicting the future. Bo was raised by the “True Believers,” a special group intent on protecting […]

What is “Chicago PD?” “Chicago PD” is a new 2013 TV show NBC plans to roll out as a mid-season replacement. A spinoff of “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD” is a drama series set in district 21 of the Chicago Police Department. The new show focuses on two sets of law-enforcement officers: the beat cops who […]