Actor and reading advocate LeVar Burton is a household name for many reasons. From his roles in “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to his 80s beloved show “Reading Rainbow” (that just recently went through a $5 million Kickstarter revival), he’s a pop culture staple. In addition, his role on the board of directors of the AIDS Research Alliance, Burton continues to impact lives in one way or another.


Burton’s latest project is inspiring in a completely different way. As part of a charity event for the Children’s Miracle Network, Burton read the infamous children’s book parody “Go The F*ck To Sleep” by Adam Mansbach to a small group of onlookers. In partnership with video game website Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life fundraiser, the reading managed to raise just north of $440,000. The nostalgia factor alone is enough to make it worth watching, but if “Reading Rainbow” wasn’t your thing for some reason, the prospect of Burton cursing up a storm is just as entertaining. The video clocked about 250,000 views on YouTube in just one day.

Burton isn’t the first person to do a live reading of the book. Residential badass Samuel L. Jackson recorded an audio tape in 2011. While video of Jackson’s reading seems to have capped at 451,000 views, Burton’s is sure to hit a million within the next couple days, with a total of 686,000 and counting.

Dylan “CineMasai” Green is a movie geek, hip-hop aficionado, and pita chip enthusiast. Find him on Twitter.

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