Levar Burton

Everyone has a story about watching Roots for the first time. The 1970s mini series was a national event, depicting the horrors of American history on an unprecedented scale. It remains etched into the minds of everyone who has seen it. So when the History Channel announced that it was doing a remake, naturally there was […]

The idea of a Roots remake has been floating around since 2013 and it has finally come to fruition. NY Times writer Melena Ryzik visited the show’s immaculate set in Louisiana. The remake is set to feature the Civil War battle of Fort Pillow, where White Union soldiers were taken hostage and hundreds of black […]

Reading is what, kids? Right! It’s fundamental, which is why Netflix is bringing back LeVar Burton and the hit PBS show, Reading Rainbow. In addition to every ’80s kid’s afternoon throwback, Netflix has a ton of new titles in store for your bingewatching entertainment this August. Reading Rainbow is one of the most influential shows of our […]

  On Friday, Leonard Nimoy the man who gave life to one of the most iconic figures in science fiction, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, passed away at 83 years old. His death triggered a day of mourning in the sci-fi fan world as fans of Star Trek both young and old, from all walks of […]

Actor and reading advocate LeVar Burton is a household name for many reasons. From his roles in “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to his 80s beloved show “Reading Rainbow” (that just recently went through a $5 million Kickstarter revival), he’s a pop culture staple. In addition, his role on the board of directors of the AIDS Research […]

Ever since the successful PBS show “Reading Rainbow” was taken of the air in 2006, actor and host LeVar Burton has been tirelessly trying to bring it back to television. Well, he is about to achieve his dream thanks to his “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter campaign. Burton, 57, intended to raise a million dollars by July […]

While the film world was mourning the loss of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor LeVar Burton was on Twitter damn near inciting a virtual riot. When it was announced Hoffman died due to a drug overdose, the former “Star Trek” star sent out a crass tweet that left many of Burton’s fans wondering why […]

Mitt Romney made a lot of people at PBS angry when he said he was going to cut funding for the public broadcasting station. One person who is mad as hell is former “Reading Rainbow” host Levar Burton. Burton believes Romney’s plan to cut funding for PBS will result in more poor children without an […]

Very rarely do you see celebs get really dope tattoos.  You’ve got cats like The Game who will apparently get anything tatted on his body (a Star Trak logo? And you ain’t even signed to Star Trak???) or Baby and that big red star on his bald head. Leave it to good ol’ Jeordi LaForge, […]