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Thirteen-year-old TJ Brown is ready to prove that he is talented, motivated, and ambitious. As a young rapper from the Bronx, he is set out to show everyone just how far he can make it in hip-hop.

Kareem Ahmed, the New York Times video journalist who shot the documentary said, “The first time I saw TJ, he was giving the performance of a lifetime on the L-train in mid-July. I thought he was incredible.”

“When it comes to school, I’m your average TJ,” said TJ in the video. “The average TJ with an 80 or 90 average in class. And then when it comes to the industry, I’m that kid that’s on his way TJ.”

TJ, who goes by TMA TJ (that’s where “talented, motivated and ambitious” come in), is ready to be a positive influence for other kids and even credits his own role model, Jay Z:

“Being a role model is doing good things so kids and parents can say, ‘Be like this kid,’ or ‘Be like that kid he’s got good grades, he’s well-mannered and respectful, and he has an education.”

“I think Jay Z is a good role model because he has bigger goals. Now he has his own empire state, his own business, record label, and he is just staying in his lane and doing what he’s supposed to.”

Watch the amazing short doc below.


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