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The truth about Bill Cosby’s relationship with rape culture may have been sitting right in front of our faces for the last forty years. While he refuses to answer any questions about the controversy and with more women coming out of the woodwork with more allegations, a joke on his 1969 album (ironically titled “It’s True, It’s True”) may give some insight into the legendary funny-man’s attitude toward date rape.

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At the heart of all of the rape allegations is that Cosby drugged women by slipping something that left them incapacitated into drinks he prepared. On the album, he jokes about doing exactly that.

He makes the joke that when he was a child, he heard about something called “Spanish fly” and how if you give it to women by slipping it into their drinks, they will pretty much do whatever you want. He says that when he got older and had a chance to go to Spain with his “I-Spy” co-star Robert Culp, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on some “Spanish fly.”

Check out the sketch below:


Is life imitating art? Do you think Cosby regrets these jokes now?

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