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Morris Chestnut has just signed on to star in a thriller with Regina Hall as part of a three-picture deal with Screen Gems.

Is the oh-so-handsome actor trying to scare the crap out of everyone?! We think so, but we’re kind of here for it.

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There will be a whole new reason for Chestnut to send your pulse racing soon alongside Hall in “When The Bough Breaks.” Deadline reports that the story revolves around a couple that hire a surrogate to carry their baby, who then will become absolutely obsessed with Chestnut while carrying their child.

It’s not clear whether Hall is going to play the wife or the surrogate. We know she could probably play crazy like no one’s business because she has no problems going there, but we could also see her putting a would-be mistress in check.

That’s just the second project in Chestnut’s deal with the studio. He’ll get the ball rolling with a film called “The Perfect Guy,”  a cautionary tale/thriller for the singles set. Chestnut is set to star in that one, too, but Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy have also signed on for the project…so we’re basically buying our tickets right now!

Last but not least will be “The Syndicate,” but not much is known about that project at this time aside from the fact that Chestnut will be an executive producer on the film.

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