Dornella Conner became a victim of the violence that has surged in Ferguson and now affecting parts of St. Louis. The mother-to-be and her boyfriend De’Angeles Lee were accosted by policemen while driving away from a gas station. One officer abruptly attacked Conner from her passenger seat by smashing her window with a “non-lethal” bean bag round (that’s an odd name for a weapon). The round was swung with such a force that doctors were unable to save her left eye, and she is partially blind in her right eye.

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Conner was admitted to the hospital by a samaritan member of that same police squad, and she recalled the incident to local St. Louis/Ferguson news station KMOV: “They pulled up while we were coming towards the street, De’Angeles was trying to get away, they blocked us from the side, front and back.”

At that time, a riot was happening at the gas station where even gunshots were popped, and it seems as if some policemen charged lethal regulation regardless of activity in the vicinity. Conner’s father Donnell and sister Tikal Goldie shared their shock at the policemen’s abrupt tactics, especially on innocent bystanders: “I’m very upset, very disappointed with tactics that they used trying to get control of situation. I understand [it’s a] tough job, I understand that it was chaos, there was no reason to fire upon innocent person sitting in a vehicle.”

Tikal added: “My sister can now only see one side of things – literally. I really just want to have closure and justice for my sister.”

Conner later wrote a message on Facebook Thursday: “I will have justice for what they did to me. But I’m happy I’m alive.”

To make matters more disheartening, Conners’ boyfriend Lee has an inexplainable warrant out for his arrest at a bond of $50,000.

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