pregnant woman

Dornella Conner became a victim of the violence that has surged in Ferguson and now affecting parts of St. Louis. The mother-to-be and her boyfriend De’Angeles Lee were accosted by policemen while driving away from a gas station. One officer abruptly attacked Conner from her passenger seat by smashing her window with a “non-lethal” bean bag round (that’s an […]

Rosan Miller, 27, a 7-month pregnant woman from Brooklyn, was allegedly placed in a chokehold by an NYPD officer over a dispute about her grilling outside of her home, reports the NY Daily News. Read more below: Police are investigating whether a cop put a seven-months-pregnant woman in a chokehold while busting her for illegal […]

Just when you thought things were so crazy in America that you wanted to move to Britain, this mess hits the news. A pregnant woman was forced to give birth to her baby by Britain’s judiscial system and the woman cannot see or bring her baby home.   Yes, that sounds crazy to us too, […]

  Wow. It’s wild to see what unnecessary force some policemen have to go through to restrain someone. Some things will never make sense. Lucinda White of Springfield, Ill., got into a fender bender in a Best Buy parking lot, and she got into an altercation with the other driver, and ended up getting tasered […]