Wow. It’s wild to see what unnecessary force some policemen have to go through to restrain someone. Some things will never make sense. Lucinda White of Springfield, Ill., got into a fender bender in a Best Buy parking lot, and she got into an altercation with the other driver, and ended up getting tasered by the police.

White called the police after the two got into an accident in the parking lot, according to Black Voices. The other driver spoke with the police, but lied about the situation, according to White’s boyfriend, Frederic Thomas.

In the police report, which was posted by the website, it stated that Thomas began yelling and cursing at the driver. The officer, R.T. Kuhn, wrote that he told Thomas to calm down or he would be arrested, but Thomas persisted and then resisted arrest, “swinging his arms and hands wildly” at the officer’s “head and upper body.” A struggle between Kuhn and Thomas ensued, and the officer called for back up.

In the video you hear her shout that she is pregnant but that does not stop the police who restrain her to the ground and place her in handcuffs.

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