Pasadena's police chief released a video of a Black man who died after being tasered. The man's partner said the police used excessive force and knew he was mentally ill.

Police brutality has been rampant these past few months, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Back in September, Hammond police pulled over a car for a traffic stop which ended in a car window getting broken and a black man being tased right in front of his children. The family is now […]

  Wow. It’s wild to see what unnecessary force some policemen have to go through to restrain someone. Some things will never make sense. Lucinda White of Springfield, Ill., got into a fender bender in a Best Buy parking lot, and she got into an altercation with the other driver, and ended up getting tasered […]

Oscar-winning rapper DJ Paul is feeling the effects of being arrested in New York City last year for carrying a taser. The Three 6 Mafia member was sentenced to community service in connection to his weapons arrest. Police detained DJ Paul after he was seen leaving a restaurant with an open beer. After being questioned […]

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It’s safe to say Kimira Hysaw will never win any “Mom of The Year” awards. The Pflugerville, TX resident was arrested for using a stun gun on her 14 year old son whom she described as “a handful” to authorities. The teen’s 4 year old sister initially told her teacher about the incident, and when […]