Just when you thought things were so crazy in America that you wanted to move to Britain, this mess hits the news. A pregnant woman was forced to give birth to her baby by Britain’s judiscial system and the woman cannot see or bring her baby home.


Yes, that sounds crazy to us too, but here are the facts. An unnamed Italian woman flew into the country for a training seminar her employers sent her to in July of 2012. As she waited in the airport hotel for her return flight to Italy, she had a panic attack. The woman believed that she misplaced the passports of her two young children. Her children weren’t with her, they were back in Italy with their grandmother. The flustered and stressed woman called the police who took her into custody once they discovered she was bipolar.

The police dropped the woman off at a psychiatric hospital and left her there for five long weeks. While the woman was in the psychiatric hospital, social services officials appealed to the courts to force the woman to give birth via c-section. A judge agreed with the points social services made and ordered the woman be forced to give birth. Despite the court ruling to have this procedure performed on her, she was unaware about it until she went into the operating room. According to the woman, she was refused breakfast on the morning of the c-section and sedated against her will.

The unidentified woman stayed in that drug-induced state for another five weeks before she was told what happened to her. When the woman found out what happened to her and asked to see her child, she was told that she couldn’t see her child and that she wouldn’t be allowed to take the child back to her home country of Italy.

Since the forced birth, the woman has returned to Italy and has continued mental health treatment. However, although she has tried several times, she has been unsuccessful in getting her child back. The woman’s former husband and father of the child, who is American, offered to have the child placed in a home with his family in Los Angeles. It’s customary for British courts to place a child with an immediate family member. Britain plans on putting the now 15-month-old child up for adoption.

The woman has hired some high-profile British attorneys to get the ruling overturned.



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