Well, this is happening fast. A week ago, it looked like we were going to go another year without new D’Angelo music. Within three days, we get an album title (James River is no more), a tracklist and a new song. At midnight, we’ll get the album itself.

The folks at the listening party got to listen to Black Messiah a little earlier. It’s not that much sooner than the rest of us, though. Questlove and Q-Tip revealed that D’Angelo’s 14-year hiatus ends tonight:

Check out the tracklist below and get ready to ride that soul ship in a few hours.

1. “Ain’t That Easy”

2. “1000 Deaths”

3. “The Charade”

4. “Sugah Daddy”

5. “Really Love”

6. “Back in the Future (Part I)”

7. “Till It’s Done (Tutu)”

8. “Prayer”

9. “Betray My Heart”

10. “The Door”

11. “Back in the Future (Part II)”

12. “Another Life”

UPDATE: The album is here! Listen below on Spotify.

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