Holiday season is upon us, and the season of gift giving is here! As your loved ones get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to shop for them. Over time, they go from the person who could always use one particular item, to the person that has everything.

Technology is the one area that never allows you to fall short on “wow” factor. Whether it’s a brand new digital tablet or the latest in flat screen televisions, tech is always stocked full of new “toys”.  Within this adult toy store, is the art of sound. No matter if we’re talking about our home theater, surround sound or our newest vehicle, we always want the presentation to be at its best.

In this installment of our CRAVE series, we look at three brands of sound systems that are sure to blow the doors right off the hinges. So grab a pen and be prepared to check off that last item on your Christmas list.

Bang & Olufsen

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System: Beolab 14

Price: $4000 – $4500

Bang & Olufsen provide the unique combination of style, performance and efficiency, like no other sound system. These wireless speakers come equipped with a 240 watt subwoofer and five 140 watt speakers that can fill a room with an amazingly crisp and clear sound. Aside from being wireless, this system comes with speakers that take up very minimal space. In the past, it was always thought that the size of the speaker meant it would provide the best and loudest sound. At a price-tag exceeding $4,000, Bang & Olufsen prove to be worth every penny.

Sonos Sound System

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System: Sonos Sound

Price: Varies

Much like B & O, Sonos provides a powerful wireless experience, with a moderate level of space efficiency. A noticeable difference with this particular brand, is that you can mix and match the speakers you like and essentially build your own speaker system.   While mixing and matching can make for a pretty cool idea, it can also get a bit pricey. Purchasing each speaker individually begins at $199 and reaches $699. When it’s all said and done, you’re looking at a quality system at a slightly cheaper price tag than the B&O set.

But this is a gift, remember? The price doesn’t even matter in this instance!


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System: Bose Surround Sound/Home Theater

Price: $1500 – $3500

And now, the name you’ve probably been waiting to see. With several options within the home entertainment umbrella, Bose presents perhaps the most well-known sound system brand among the three. At a relatively affordable price-tag, this system may present the most bang for your buck. Unlike the bulky system seen in the above graphic, Bose also has several wireless,  space efficient speakers. Each unit operates on the bluetooth system, so this would really come down to personal preference.

These are just a few options for this upcoming holiday season. And much like you’ve seen in the previous posts, there really is no wrong selection. No matter your choice, you’ll be providing yourself — or someone else — an awesome gift! But just like the title says, you were warned about disturbing the peace. Any citations or summons received for your next loud party, is totally on your shoulders and nothing to do with the Urban Daily staff!

Happy Holidays!

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