In the latest edition of CRAVE, we’re taking a look at one of the hottest lines in duffle bags and backpacks. The Herschel Supply brand combines function and fashion, seamlessly. First up, we have the Jasper Woodland Camo/Navy/Red Backpack and Novel Duffle bags. The backpack is available online for $49.99 and features the signature coated […]

It’s 2015 and headphone wires, like cell phone’s with external antennas and and portable CD players should be a thing of the past. Two of the worlds most popular headphone manufacturers have definitely gotten the memo. ‘Beats’ the brand introduced to the world originally as “Beats By Dre” (now owned by Apple) recently released their […]

Singer-songwriter Timothy Bloom sat down with The Urban Daily to talk style inspiration. Most of Bloom’s pieces had some deeper personal meaning, like the cross necklace he hasn’t taken off in close to a decade. While we can’t point you in the direction of the unnamed Melrose boutique his cross came from, we can mimic Bloom’s look […]

Holiday season is upon us, and the season of gift giving is here! As your loved ones get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to shop for them. Over time, they go from the person who could always use one particular item, to the person that has everything. Technology is the one area that never allows […]

As a kid, the kicks we wanted were always available to purchase at our leisure. Nowadays, you’ve gotta get a ticket, wait on a line, RSVP through social media, just to pay an arm and a leg, just get the kicks you want. As a sneakerhead, there aren’t many things more frustrating than jumping through hoops […]

How many times have you heard your favorite rapper talk about how nice his watch is? Typically this would come with a price tag that resembled a social security number and simply leave you to dream of what it’d be like to own such a fine piece of machinery. Well, we may not be able […]

For the single man, the holiday season always presents a good opportunity to take advantage of all the great sales and deals. this makes it the perfect time to invest in home improvement. Now this isn’t going to be the kind of list that requires you to necessarily break the bank in any way. This is […]

Every shopper’s dream season of spending— or nightmare, depending on how you look at it— is finally here. That’s right, it’s time for holiday shopping! Although department stores can be complete mayhem, some deals are worth a little headache and occasional slug-fest, right? And as men, we’ll gladly put the paws on someone for courtside seats for […]

With the winter season approaching faster than an Usain Bolt relay race, it’s time we start looking elsewhere to spend our days. The Buffalo area is already getting hit hard, thawing out from seven feet of snow. Think about that for a second: seven FEET of snow! Yeah, it’s definitely time to get out of […]

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE In our new video series, “Style Guy’d”, The Urban Daily speaks to stylish men about how they create their looks. In this episode, R&B star Luke James reveals how confidence, strength and a good ol’ white tee are his essentials. MORE FROM THE URBAN DAILY: Why Sebastian Mikael Calls His Fashion Style “Ghetto […]