For the single man, the holiday season always presents a good opportunity to take advantage of all the great sales and deals. this makes it the perfect time to invest in home improvement. Now this isn’t going to be the kind of list that requires you to necessarily break the bank in any way. This is a guide to enhancing your “bachelor pad”. Some of these minor additions/tweaks to your fortress of solitude can completely enhance your lifestyle — not to mention scoring additional points with that love interest you’ve been courting for so long.

Grab your pen and pad — class is in session.

Home Decor

When walking into your residence, it’s supposed to feel like “home.” A lot of relationship battles are won and lost upon first entry into a person’s home. Calling in a professional to handle this particular aspect of home improvement is definitely recommended. However, if you’re bold enough to take on the task yourself, you absolutely want to make sure you follow a specific theme and design. Trust, these tips are coming from highly trained professionals — a group a very intelligent and opinionated women!

And speaking of women, remember Marcus Graham from ‘Boomerang’? Just refer to the 10:00 & 38:00 marks in the movie if you need a refresher. Upon entry to Graham’s apartment, the women immediately complemented him and took notice of every single thing. One of which was the size of the place, which can be a bit pricey in some cities. However, this particular pad followed a theme and featured art along the walls. This isn’t to say that throwing some expensive painting on the wall will be the way to go. It’s recommended that you go with something that ties into the color scheme and overall feel of your establishment. Along with the artwork, family photos are also encouraged. But please, make sure you’re careful about the photos you select. Stay far away from the awkward family photos in this particular case. You know, anything that resembles these types of pics:

Your night will swiftly turn into a lonely man extravaganza: The finest in hungry-man cuisine, a blue moon and old re-runs of ‘Martin’. Yeah, let’s just go with pics of your parents, children, nieces and nephews.

Lastly, a nice collection of books is recommended. While a diverse monthly spread of your favorite magazines may look great on your living room table, a shelf of books will show a little more depth in a person. Oh, and it would probably help if these are a collection of books that you’ve actually read. You don’t wanna get caught up in a game of Q&A about one of the selections on your shelf, which just so happens to be her favorite.


This portion of the lesson is titled: Comfort is Key! Once we’ve called in an expert interior decorator to plan out the theme of your new spot, we’ll need to move onto the furniture aspect. You definitely want items that fit with what you’ve already committed to in terms of decor. However, you absolutely want to keep comfort as the main priority in your selection. It’s very possible that you come across the perfect couch in terms of style, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever sat on in your life. Your choice here could be the difference between, “my bestie just texted me and she needs me right away” or “so, what movie do you wanna watch?” Remember, comfort is key!

Next, we have the bedding. This seemed to be a common thing with our panel of “experts”. A nice, comfortable, bed is also of extreme importance. Women pay attention to the thread counts and things like that, so a quality bed set is highly recommended. Again, remember our friend Marcus Graham? Upon entering his home, Robin Givens (Jaclyn) stated, “Wow, that’s a big, wonderful bed.” Of course the night didn’t necessarily go as he’d planned, but she stayed for dinner and a Knicks game.

Cleaning Services

Now if you’re a child that grew up with household chores, this isn’t the green light to completely forget the things you’ve learned. However, having a cleaning lady handy won’t hurt. In all honesty, before mentioning decor as an area of importance, our panel stressed cleanliness first — and that’s no exaggeration; literally every single woman mentioned a clean home as the very first thing on their list.

As a bachelor, your schedule is probably hectic. If you’re someone that likes to cook — and typically fall asleep after eating — dirty dishes can pile up very quickly. And if you’re someone that grew up dreading cleaning the bathroom, the ring-around-the-tub probably greets you each and every morning. Just having an extra hand to help you keep your place tidy on a weekly basis, is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Specialty Items

Now, having something like a personal theater in your home can seem a bit excessive. However, if it’s an option, it’s absolutely encouraged. The real point of this particular section has to do with maintaining a quality entertainment center. A nice flat screen television with surround sound will do the trick. You also want to avoid having wires all over the place. You remember those creepy DirecTV commercials, right?

Yeah, probably not the way you wanna go.

First and foremost, owning and playing a piano are two completely different things. In fact, actually being able to play the piano that you own is an added bonus — like, a huge added bonus. Now if you plan on having children one day, this might be a nice investment that can pay off in the grand scheme of things. But owning a piano is a symbol of class and sophistication, which would absolutely earn some nice cool points.

A pool table is also another nice addition to your new abode. This is something that definitely works in your favor if you have a competitive partner, or one that’s interested in sports. Aside from impressing anyone, pool tables are just cool to have!

An interesting suggestion from our panel was to own a pet. Now, before you go running out to purchase some exotic puppy that’ll eventually grow to the level that forces you to announce yourself when entering a room, stop a second and thing about what “owning a pet” means to you. A cat is a self-sufficient animal that you could own, which wouldn’t require you to do much maintenance aside from purchasing food and keeping the litter box fresh. However, the reasoning for this particular mention on the panel’s list had to do with a man proving he can take care of someone/something else. Responsibility is a major component to maturity, and we know how the ladies feel about those two areas.

Just be sure you don’t end up like this guy, when making your purchase.

There are other small additions that are nice pluses to building a nice home. Owning some sort of expresso machince, hanging up plaques, awards and degrees are each very nice accents to the new spot, as well. As long as you remember the golden rule regarding comfort, there’s no doubt your next residence will eventually become your ultimate bachelor pad.


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