How many times have you heard your favorite rapper talk about how nice his watch is? Typically this would come with a price tag that resembled a social security number and simply leave you to dream of what it’d be like to own such a fine piece of machinery. Well, we may not be able to do anything about the price of your dream watch, but we can line up a few for your various needs.

So sit back and get your pen and pad ready, as we dish out five watches for any and every occasion.

Brand: Tissot, Swiss Army

Price: $500 – $1000

Occasion: Every day/Business Casual

Without getting too heavy, a Tissot or Swiss brand classic watch will keep it casual, with an air of sophistication. And if you’re someone who can’t wait until casual Friday, this could be the timepiece that elevates your attire enough to seem like a regular day at the office. At a very affordable price, you’re certainly getting plenty bang for your buck.

Brand: Timex, Citizens, etc…

Price: $150 – $500

Occasion: Sports Watch/Very Casual

The ability to pull off an inexpensive item in any setting, is something women have mastered. They can literally shop at a thrift store and put together an outfit that will still have men lining up to buy them a drink…or three. Luckily for us, Timex, Citizens, and several other brands offer very nice looking timepieces, at the price of a monthly metrocard in NYC. This of course falls under the sports watch category, which is worn in very casual settings or during summer Friday season at work.

Brand: ESQ by Movado

Price: $450 – $1000

Occasion: Formal Blue/Brown Suit

Always important to make sure your suit game is on point. This could be the difference between you meeting your soul-mate, or a month of date nights with NBA 2K15. But after you’ve got the suit and shoes portion of the fit together, next is the wrist-wear. ESQ is a virtual can’t-lose brand to go with. As a former owner, it’s a watch that got endless complements. With a bevy of stylish, affordable designs to choose from, this will surely accent your suit to perfection.

Brand: Movado

Price: $450 – $1000

Occasion: Formal Black Suit

Might as well go with the parent company for the black suit. This smooth piece of wrist-wear accompanying a clean black suit, will have you feeling like Bruce Wayne at a formal event — sans the Lamborghini. Much like its offspring, a Movado watch carries a certain level of class and sophistication within each piece. And with a price tag that won’t offset those payments to Sallie Mae each month, it’ll keep your worries at a minimum.

Brand: Hublot, Rolex, Audemar, etc…

Price: $10K – Hundreds of thousands

Occasion: Hand-me-down

Now here’s the watch that Sallie Mae might get a little upset over. In fact, you might have to hit her up for an additional loan if you wanna grab one of these bad boys. Hublot, Rolex, Audemar and many others, are watches that you’ll eventually pass down to your son. These are the timepieces that are only coming out of the safe for extremely special occasions. However, if you actually own something like this, you may opt to sleep in it. And with a price tag that rivals a Brady Bunch’s worth of college tuition, who could blame you?!

These are just a few options to upgrade your wrist during the holiday season. And if you’re not the one doing the upgrading, we’re sure this will find its way into your lady’s inbox. Just remember, if she’s the one doing the purchasing of the last collection, you sir, have just been placed “on the clock”. Anytime you hear “He went to Jared” or “Every kiss begins with Kay”, it’ll feel like she’s staring a hole through you like the Man of Steel himself. May the force — and Jesus — be with you.


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