Jay Z recently sat down with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss the possibility of changes to the state’s criminal justice system and the potential for hiring special prosecutors in police brutality casesFox News jumped at the meeting as a talking point for criticism of the Democratic politician. And while The Daily Show has long built a reputation for ingenious take-downs of these types of antics from Fox, Jon Stewart handed the floor off to correspondent Jessica Williams last night for a hilarious defense of the rapper in a segment called “Hova’s Honor.”

After playing a series of clips full of condescending and often racist advice for the Black community from Fox, Williams turned the topic on its head and wondered why Jay Z wouldn’t be exactly their type of role model.

“I mean, look Jon, if you go over their Black male to-do list Jay Z’s got it covered,” she started. “Good job? Check. Stable marriage? Check. Sure it has its ups and downs, kind of like an elevator. Is he a good father? Check. And he’s not just pulling his pants up, the guy actually sells belts. That’s how devoted he is to the cause of raised pants!”

In true Daily Show fashion, Williams proceeds to dissect Fox’s own little hypocrisies and reminded the organization of their own demons.

Watch the whole clip below.



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