In the midst of an election season like no other, Wilmore kept us laughing with segments aimed at exposing events compacted by race and politics.

Jon Stewart’s successor Trevor Noah knocked his first episode of The Daily Show out the park last night by “continuing the war on bullsh***” with mentions of…

Jon Stewart‘s post-Daily Show life has taken him to the WWE ring. He feuded with Seth Rollins, hosted SummerSlam on Sunday and, in a heel turn, teamed up with Rollins to do this to John Cena: It’s a very interesting career choice; you have to imagine Jon Stewart is doing this out of genuine interest since he […]

Jon Stewart wasn’t going to stay out of the spotlight for that long. After leaving the Daily Show with Bruce Springsteen’s help, Stewart will become a host once more at SummerSlam of all places, according to USA Today. This is quite the stage, because SummerSlam is the WWE’s biggest event behind WrestleMania. This isn’t a completely bizarre surprise. Stewart has been openly pro-wrestling […]

Trevor Noah is aware of the big shoes he has to fill this fall as he takes over as host of The Daily Show. During the Television…

Jon Stewart has always come across as a sensible guy when talking about race issues. In the wake of the Charleston horror, it was Stewart and Barack Obama who gave the most impressive, poignant commentary. But no one’s perfect. Comedian Wyatt Cenac sat down with Marc Maron for this week’s WTF Podcast. Cenac, a former writer for the Daily Show, recalled when Stewart […]

Chris Rock has always been sociopolitically conscious if you’ve been paying attention to his comedy. Sure, he’s said and done some problematic things, but fundamentally he has dressed some of his most important political views with laughs, which often leaves many people missing the point. But if you analyze his comedy closely, you’ll note that […]

Jon Stewart has stepped up to the plate when it comes to hosting The Daily Show after national tragedies. He connected with America’s heartache following 9/11. He noted collective astonishment at the fact that Daniel Pantaleo, the man who killed Eric Garner on camera, escaped indictment. Stewart didn’t come with any jokes or wit when speaking about the tragedy in […]

Ever since Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show in February, everyone’s been wondering who would take over his beloved seat. The wait is over – comedian Trevor Noah has just been announced as his successor. Noah, 31, has been a contributor to the show since 2014, according to his official […]

  News broke earlier today that Jon Stewart will depart his post as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show later in 2015.  Stewart made the announcement while taping Tuesday’s show, but did not go so far as to specify a date. No word yet as to whether Comedy Central has a new host in […]

Jay Z recently sat down with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss the possibility of changes to the state’s criminal justice system and the potential for hiring special prosecutors in police brutality cases. Fox News jumped at the meeting as a talking point for criticism of the Democratic politician. And while The Daily Show has long built a reputation for ingenious take-downs […]

While thousands of protestors marched in New York City to protest the non-indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the murder of Eric Garner last night, the usually upbeat Daily Show host, Jon Stewart opened his show on a somber note. MUST READ: #ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner “I honestly don’t know what to say. If comedy […]