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Chris Rock‘s Top Five film deals with the topic of a “top five” list of MCs, so it was only natural for him to speak on the subject during an interview with Angie Martinez on New York radio station Power 105. During their chat, Chris Rock, who recently filed for divorce, said Eminem is one rapper that isn’t on his list and he knows that this causes some people to become irate.

“People do get angry when you don’t mention Eminem,” Rock said, speaking of “top five” rapper lists. “They’re really like, ‘Hey! Eminem’s one of the greatest.’ Okay! He’s good. Alright. I’m not a big ‘Stan’ guy. I like ‘Stan.’ I loved him on ‘Renegade.’ He’s great on ‘Renegade.’ I like him on a lot of stuff. I like ‘Stan’ but you don’t hear ‘Stan’ at the club, ever. Not any club I wanna be at.”

Another rapper Martinez and Rock discussed was Jay Z.

“Jay Z is an executive producer of my movie and Annie,” Rock explained. “Jay Z’s getting it in, man. He’s getting it in.”

“Does that mean he gives you money?” Martinez asked.

“No,” Rock replied. “I wish… He kind of puts his name on there. I think it’s easier to clear music when he’s involved. I’m not really sure.”

To watch more of Rock’s conversation around Top Five, check the video below.



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