Bobby ShmudaIt seemed like Bobby Shmurda might have had one less charge to contend with in his ongoing legal drama, but that may have just been wishful thinking.

Last week, a Revolt interview was published in which Shmurda’s laywer Howard Greenberg said that the “Brooklyn D.A. office announced that the gun case in Brooklyn will be dismissed,” but that may not be as good as it appears.

Kati Cornell, Director of Public Information Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, reached out to The Urban Daily with a statement on what this means for Shmurda.

“The dismissal is purely procedural,” Cornell explained in an e-mail statement. “The indictment announced by my office, the Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office, in December incorporates charges related to the Brooklyn gun case. Therefore, it is misleading to say [Ackquille] Pollard [Bobby Shmurda’s real name] will not face these charges. It would be more accurate to say the charges are being dismissed by the Brooklyn District Attorney so that the Special Narcotics Prosecutor can move forward with its handling of the case.”

Shmurda and several members of the GS9 collective are scheduled to have a hearing today (January 29). Further details will be reported as they unravel.

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