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‘Uptown Anthem’ rapper, father, and Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast member Peter Gunz regularly splits screen time on the popular VH1 show between his wife, Amina Buddafly, and the mother of four of his children, Tara Wallace. It’s one of the plot lines that keeps viewers coming back each week and apparently keeps viewers like Sway Calloway asking Peter, ‘How do you live with yourself?’ Sway posed that very question to Peter Gunz during an appearance on his Sirius XM show Sway In The Morning.

‘If I put on blackface and start tap-dancing, that’s selling my soul,’ Peter Gunz told Sway. ‘What I’m really giving you is what’s going on in my life. Maybe I can’t explain it. Maybe it takes for me to look at it, or maybe it takes for people to see it. But, I fell in love with Amina while I was with Tara. Me and Tara weren’t in the best place at the time, and I’m thinking it’s like the end. Amina thinks I’m playing games, so I married her and tell her to wait and hold on. Then when I see that Tara wasn’t really over it, and she was really giving me my space.’

According to Peter, debt and confusion all factored into his decision making process. He also explained the energy drink opportunity in Trinidad was really offered to him when Amina was in her last trimester of pregnancy.

Peter Gunz said some portions of the show are specifically edited to perpetuate different story lines, but ultimately the choice to be a better husband and a better father to his eight children lies on him. The rapper added he will return for another season.

‘I’m able to provide for my children and my family,’ Peter explained. ‘It’s not the life that I ever want to be remembered by. Anybody that really knows me knows how I am. That’s just one side of me. It’s no excuses for it, but I’m better than that.’

The full interview can be seen below. Love & Hip-Hop: New York airs Mondays at 8 pm on VH1.

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