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Jay Z is the greatest rapper in the game according to the most powerful man in the world – President Obama.

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‘Uptown Anthem’ rapper, father, and Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast member Peter Gunz regularly splits screen time on the popular VH1 show between his wife, Amina Buddafly, and the mother of four of his children, Tara Wallace. It’s one of the plot lines that keeps viewers coming back each week and apparently keeps viewers […]

Big announcement coming out of New York City as Sway Calloway and entertainment impresario, Kelly Jackson just launched their new entertainment & management company OverDeliver Entertainment on Tuesday! OverDeliver Entertainment is the newest venture for both Calloway and Jackson who were both hands on in creating this new platform for artists. The projects that OverDeliver works on will […]

When Kanye West was making the rounds promoting his Yeezus tour, one of his interviews with Sway Calloway went viral when he ranted that “You don’t have the answers, Sway!” when the veteran radio personality quizzed him on his fashion aspirations. RELATED: Kanye West Throws Disrespectful Tantrum During “Sway In The Morning” Interview [VIDEO] Sway maintains […]

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It was history in the making a few weekends ago out in LA when King Tech, Sway and DJ Revolution of The World Famous “Wake Up Show” finally made one of their dreams come true. The trio has been working together in hip-hop harmony for years and are responsible for breaking artists across airwaves from […]

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  Every now and then we get to hear about people doing selfless deeds that make us regain faith in our fellow man. Even though those moments are few and far between, we cherish each of them totally and completely! Mostly, it’s for fear that we may not get a chance to find another one! […]

In an interview with “Sway In The Morning,” Ma$e reflected on advice he says he learned from the late Notorious B.I.G. On what he learned from Biggie, Ma$e said: “I remember B.I.G. used to always tell me stuff. He used to give me jewels and one of the jewels I gave to 2 Chainz when […]

With Election Day fast approaching, President Barack Obama is attempting to regain the overwhelming support from the young voters he enjoyed during his first run in 2008. To this end he agreed to an “Ask Obama Live” interview with MTV News to continue his open door policy, if you will, of interaction with the general public. Sway […]

There is nothing like your first car. After David Banner told us about the van he lived in before he got a record deal, radio and TV veteran Sway Calloway sat down with our man Mr. Mecca to talk about his very first getaway car, a Toyota Corolla Wagon. WATCH: Does LeBron’s Hairline Deserve A […]

During a recent episode of  MTV’s RapFix Live with Sway, Chicago-born MC Lupe Fiasco became emotional when discussing the current state of his hometown and the high rate of violence.  There have already been 250 homicides in Chicago this year alone, a 38% increase over the previous year. Like on Facebook to stay updated […]

In her interview with “Sway In The Morning” on Shade 45 radio, Shawnna was asked about the constant beefs amongst the females of hip hop. On the rift between so many in rap right now, Shawnna said: “What they don’t understand is, that’s where they want us to be. In the game right now the […]