Shots fired?  Almost everyone has offered their commentary on Kanye West’s latest attempt to pry a well-deserved award from a peer’s hands; at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, the self-proclaimed “genius” made his way onto the stage for yet another episode of “I’ma let you finish” as an orange-clad and smirking Prince presented Beck with the Album of the Year award.  After the show, Kanye opined that Beck should give his award to Beyoncé (whom Beck beat out in the category) and respect real artistry.

Not so fast, says former Doobie Brothers frontman and multi-Grammy Award winner, Michael McDonald.  In an interview with ESPN Radio’s Dan le Batard, McDonald went in on the hip-hop superstar saying, “When Kanye gets to a point where he can actually put a couple of notes together either vocally or two bars of valid music playing an instrument, then he might have a right to criticize somebody else.”

Since the Grammys, several videos have circulated around the internet showing the multiple times Kanye has offered his awards to someone he felt was more deserving than he.  If nothing else, the clips prove that Ye is practicing what he preaches.  Still, the verdict is still out on whether insisting that other artists follow suit falls under the category of doing too much.

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