Kanye West made a huge mark on the Grammy Awards this weekend after nearly interrupting Beck the way he did with Taylor Swift years ago. What’s even more interesting is why he did it. West made his way to On Air With Ryan Seacrest to discuss the near-interruption that caused commotion and why the voices in his head were to blame. “I felt like […]

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Shots fired?  Almost everyone has offered their commentary on Kanye West’s latest attempt to pry a well-deserved award from a peer’s hands; at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, the self-proclaimed “genius” made his way onto the stage for yet another episode of “I’ma let you finish” as an orange-clad and smirking Prince presented Beck with the […]

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Whoopi Goldberg is not here for Kanye West’s comments surrounding Beck’s win for Album of the Year. On The View, Whoopi and the panel talked about the awards show and addressed Kanye pulling a Kanye on Beck for not giving his award to Beyoncé . Outgoing host Rosie O’Donnell praised ‘Ye for performing “Only One” earlier in the […]


The Grammy’s are always a star-studded event that’s full of surprises. No one can ever forget Kanye‘s epic “I’ma let you finish” rant, where he stole the shine of Taylor Swift in her very first grammy-moment. In fact, Yeezy almost relapsed in this year’s event after Beck was recognized for ‘Album of the Year’. And […]

Prince played a prominent role in the 57th annual GRAMMY Awards during a brief appearance. The multiplatinum singer, instrumentalist, and producer introduced and presented Beck with Album of the Year prior to Kanye West’s faux ‘I’ma let you finish’ moment, which elicited laughs from the crowd. And in a more understated moment, the Minneapolis native […]


Kanye West spent years doing damage control after interrupting Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards win to protest Beyonce not winning. He was called racial slurs via Twitter and temporarily made appearances on various talk shows to explain his actions. Sunday night at the 57th GRAMMY Awards, viewers got a humorous reminder of 2009. […]

Up-and-coming rapper Tyrone Briggs is bringing back a diversity in rap music that hasn’t been heard in a while. Although the young MC can spit hardcore street tales with the best of them, on his latest track “Loser,” Briggs takes aim at those who live above their means. Tyrone Briggs hits listeners with a machine-gun […]