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Cookie met Lucious for dinner, under the impression the rose he’d left meant more than it did.  As it turned out, it was a family dinner where Lucious announced his engagement to Anika.  Too bad Cookie showed up wearing nothing but lingerie and a fur coat!

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Lucious collapsed at breakfast, just as Det. Walker showed up on his security system going through his trash.  Vernon asked Lucious point blank if he killed Bunky.  Lucious told him that Bunky tried to shake him down, threatening to destroy everything he had built.  Lucious confessed that he shot Bunky, and Malik detailed a plan to get the heat off of them.

Vernon busted in on Andre and choked him, demanding to know if he had known all along that Lucious killed Bunky.  Andre admitted that he covered for his father, even when he wasn’t sure what he was covering for.

Jamal and Michael planned to go away for the weekend, but Michael was worried that Jamaal was going eventually stop having time for him after his chat with Cookie.

Lucious arranged for Cookie to meet veteran Empire artist Elle Dallas, whom Anika was set to drop for budget reasons.  Lucious told Elle Cookie would be her new manager, but Elle resisted, saying she only worked with “A-listers.”

Cookie visited Elle at the sleazy motel where she lives, and found her surrounded by drugs and alcohol.  Cookie told Elle that her music kept her strong while she was in prison, and tossed her stash in the toilet.

Jamal warned Cookie that his personal life was off limits.  She defended her actions, telling him she had nothing against Michael but she had to protect her son.

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The DJ dropped Jamal’s song, “Keep Your Money,” and the crowd swarmed the dance floor.  Cookie convinced Vince Boyd to tweet the song to his massive Twitter following.

Per Vernon’s suggestion, Lucious hired a security specialist.

Hakeem staggered over to Jamal drunk to ask him to collaborate with him, but Jamal refused because of how Hakeem has acted toward Cookie.

Vernon arranged for another man to confess to Bunky’s murder for a large sum of cash.

Michael got angry with Jamal after Jamal forgot to tell him about a live stream he scheduled when they were supposed to go out of town for the weekend.  Jamal snapped back, telling Michael he didn’t get it.

Anika and Porscha wound up on the elevator together, and Anika tempted her with an offer to earn more money than Cookie could pay her.

Elle was a hot crazy mess in the studio, firing the background vocalists because she said they were throwing her off.  Cookie told Elle that it wasn’t the other singers, and that she was the problem.  Cookie gave Elle a make-under in the studio so she could get to the woman behind the clothes, the persona, and the greatness she used to be.  Elle was finally able to pour herself into the song.

Jamal sat down with Sway after his live stream, and things got awkward when Sway asked Jamal about his lady.  Jamal said he didn’t have a lady, he was really in love with his music.  Of course, he made no mention of Michael whatsoever.

Lucious and Vernon closed the case on Bunky’s murder, but Vernon was furious with Lucious for putting him in such an awful situation.

Lucious brought in a specialist to treat his ALS with an experimental drug.  Anika was worried that it wouldn’t work, but Lucious insisted he needed it to live.

Andre and Vernon made up in the men’s room, but not without Andre promising to slit Vernon’s throat if he put his hands on him again.

A woman named Olivia showed up at the Empire office, with a little girl she claimed to be Jamal’s daughter.


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