Jimmy Fallon got to emcee the SNL 40 After-Party, an event that featured impromptu performances from many stars, including Paul McCartneyMiley CyrusAriana Grande and Taylor Swift. But one star made Fallon particularly excited, and the road to getting the biggest rock star to perform started with advice from Dave Chappelle.

“Dave Chappelle goes, ‘Dude, Prince is here. And I think that if you play it right, you can maybe convince him to do something,’” Fallon recalled on The Tonight Show last night. The host said he had a few “Kool-Aids” by this time (insinuating that he had even more than that), so he went with a direct approach.

“So I go, ‘Prince, if you’re here, I dare you to come on stage,’” Fallon explained. “Then all of a sudden, the crowd parts, there’s purple smoke and the dude’s floating towards the stage. It’s almost like he had jetpacks on his knees. His feet weren’t touching the ground. He floats on stage.”

Prince apparently played “Let’s Go Crazy” to a roar. And soon, Jay Z, Rihanna and Chris Rock were part of a “mosh pit of celebrities,” according to Questlove, who was also there to capture Prince’s epic appearance.

We have a feeling Charlie Murphy would have enjoyed it and that he would have done a better retelling. Check out the full story below.

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