We’re going to go ahead and call Dave Chappelle a hero. After hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time earlier this month — just days after the devastating election — Chappelle is releasing three standup specials on Netflix for his first television project in 12 years. Yes, his return is long overdue — but damn […]

Dave pokes fun at the election, saying America "elected an Internet troll" for President

When it was announced that Dave Chappelle would host Saturday Night Live this weekend — with A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guest — the internet lost its mind. Chappelle’s return to TV has been long-awaited. The show’s lineup recalls a recent 1-2 punch: Chris Rock and Prince. While that episode was above average at best […]

Dave Chappelle wants everyone to put some respeck on his name. Last week, ]a reporter from The Observer started a buzz that the legendary comedian was backing Donald Trump for the 2016 Elections — but Dave wants it to be clear that he’s NOT with him. TMZ caught up with funny man and asked him the […]

This will be the first time Chappelle has ever hosted the show.

At a standup performance in San Francisco, Chappelle was overcome with grief in remembering the late icon.


  Looking for Dave Chappelle to poke fun at the white NAACP leader who faked her Black identity? Sorry, but that may not happen in the near future. Yesterday the comedian came to Washington D.C. to give a commencement address at his high school, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and briefly touched on the topic. During the graduation ceremony […]

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People may be split on deciding whether Spike Lee is cool or not (although his real talk moments-to-Oldboy ratio still slightly points to the former), but everybody loves Dave Chappelle. We’ll be getting more of Chappelle soon thanks to Lee. The comedian has signed on to play a role in Chiraq. The famed creative confirmed the news with the […]

Seeing Dave Chappelle perform live stand up is like having a unicorn tell the most perfect jokes right in front of you. You’re so amazed it’s happening and probably never want it to end. But last night in Detroit, Chappelle was booed during a shoddy performance. According to TMZ, the comedian showed up more than […]