The best mic man to ever grace a wresting ring, Ric Flair is celebrating a birthday today. The Man’s bravado, quick wit and slick talk was just unmatched for decades. And as time progresses, there still seems to be no one better or even close to The Nature Boy.

With the help of superstars like Eminem, Drake and Snoop Dogg, battle rap is starting to become very popular in the mainstream. Rappers use a lot of wrestling analogies in their rhymes and it honestly got us thinking, “What would Ric Flair come up with if he was ever in a rap battle?” My answer is in a series of promos and vignettes, from the last few decades. Ric Flair got BARS! If he was at King of The Dot, Total Slaughter or Smack’s Summer Madness, some of these lines below would send the crowd up and make them stop his time! Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Magnum T.A, Dick Slater, Randy Savage, Jim Crockett and even the Tough Enough star Maven knows when Flair is on the mic, he’s going at your head ASAP!


Here are 11 lines Ric Flair could have used in a rap battle.

1. “I’ve had more titles than you’ve had women!”

2. “That’s why this jacket cost 800 dollars and that one cost 200 Dollars! And I don’t know what that cost, I’d be ashamed to wear it!”

3. “Last year I spent more money on spilt liquor, Im bars from one side of this world to the other…THAN YOU MADE!”

4. “My shoes cost more than your house”

5. “Miss Elizabeth was MINE…Before she was yours… *Shows picture of him and Miss Elizabeth poolside*

6. “In Philadelphia, You were like all the girls at the Marriot in Room 806!

7. “When JJ turned out the lights, the Horsemen were all in position. We were all hollering, screaming, we were raising the roof! All of a sudden all the girls yelled STOOOOOP! We can’t take anymore! That was you!”

8. “I got more women waiting for me in the hallway, quivering, shaking, having conniptions, then you’ve met in the last 5 years!”

9. “You imitation, nothing happening punk! You keep walking around that ring, trying to tell the world your me, You better go somewhere else for your clothes besides K-Mart.”

10. “You’re going to go to your GRAVE because of ME!”

11. “When you wake up in the morning, you do yourself a favor, You pattern your life after Ric Flair and you’ll be something.”

Happy Birthday Natch! You are still “The Man!” WOOO!

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