Superstar wrestler Chyna is dead at 45.

The world of professional wrestling has been rocked yet again. Now, it’s Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who’s facing murder charges for the death of his girlfriend,  Nancy Argentino, which occurred more than 32 years ago in an assault. He was arrested Tuesday morning from his New Jersey home and arraigned later that afternoon with his bail set […]


Legendary wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has passed away from a heart attack at the age of 61. Born Roderick George Toombs, the veteran became a WWE…


For any real pro-wrestling fan, you know what it means to get “The Push.” For those unaware, “The Push” is when Vince McMahon makes a decision to put a guy over, or put a title on a certain character. In the ’80s, the guy with the ultimate push was Hulk Hogan, with the help of […]

  Many people overlook how the worlds of pro-wrestling and hip-hop run deep. In a lot of aspects, hip-hop is just like wrestling. Ask Hell Rell, and say he’s Vince McMahon if it is. With wrestling promotions being most prominent in the south and on the East Coast, and with some of the biggest stars […]


The best mic man to ever grace a wresting ring, Ric Flair is celebrating a birthday today. The Man’s bravado, quick wit and slick talk was just unmatched for decades. And as time progresses, there still seems to be no one better or even close to The Nature Boy. With the help of superstars like […]


  While the rest of the world will be tuned into the Oscars on Sunday, wrestling fans wouldn’t even think about missing WWE‘s new pay-per-view special, Fastlane. A No Elimination Chamber for $9.99 though? Can’t be real. This pay-per-view special is vitally important because it adds the shoulder stripes and some lines to the Road To Wrestlemania 2015. […]

While recent headlines sound almost too crazy to be true, this is not an April Fool’s joke. According to reports by Missinfo and our friends at TheSmokingSection, Maybach Music rapper Wale allegedly laid the smack down on a dude trolling him on Twitter at a wrestling match. The “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper was in attendance […]

In case you didn’t know, David Otunga is more than just Jennifer Hudson‘s fiancee and father of her son. He is a Harvard educated lawyer with a passion for bodybuilding and acting. As a young boy, he found that all of his passions intersected within the world of professional wrestling. Sitting in front of the […]


To be a professional wrestler you have to either like pain or have a high tolerance for it. In the case of former WWE star Tony Atlas, it’s a bit of both. While there is a whole lot of fakeness going on in the WWE ring, Atlas keeps it real with his punishments, paying women […]