While the rest of the world will be tuned into the Oscars on Sunday, wrestling fans wouldn’t even think about missing WWE‘s new pay-per-view special, Fastlane. A No Elimination Chamber for $9.99 though? Can’t be real. This pay-per-view special is vitally important because it adds the shoulder stripes and some lines to the Road To Wrestlemania 2015.

The night’s five key matches will literally determine what happens at Wrestlemania 31.  RadioNow and Hot 96.3 fam CamQuotes and J.R. Bang break down Fastlane, predictions, wishes and theories below.


IC Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Wade Barrett

Cam’s Pick- Dean Ambrose: It’s all set up for Dean to take this, because The Shield breakup has lead to every member’s obvious benefit. The feud with Ambrose and Bray Wyatt was a nice set up for them to both shine at Wrestlemania and since Ambrose doesn’t have that speculated match, he might as well gain a title.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how Ambrose ended up mid-card status, but I think winning the IC Belt puts both Ambrose and the IC Belt back in casual conversation.

Bang’s Pick- Dean Ambrose: It’s way too soon to take the belt off Barrett, but the returning Sheamus needs someone to feud with. Maybe it’s Ambrose for the IC title. The duo should go into Wrestlemania ready for a action pack brawl that can possibly be one of the best going into the showcase of immortals.


Tag Team Title Match: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The Usos

Cam’s Pick- Cesaro and Kidd: Let me be clear. I don’t really want to see Tyson Kidd win ANYTHING! I don’t even like seeing his face on TV, although the top spot will always go to Bo Dallas—who I think is the ugliest kid on TV. But the writing’s on the wall for Cesaro to win a title and have at least a decent start to this year and for that, I’m happy! Cesaro swings his way to a victory with Tyson “Saturday Morning Cartoon Face” Kidd and they both capture their first tag team title.

I still prefer Cesaro to come out with the red jacket and the foreign rap music…but it is what it is.

Bang’s Pick- The Usos: As much as I would like Cesaro and Kidd to win, it’s too early to give them the crown. They have to pay their dues which would mean a couple of title match loses. I’m thinking Tyson’s wife Natalya will cost them the titles. The break up will happen and we go from there. Tyson Kidd had nothing but good to great matches since his return from injury and should be rewarded, just not now.



Diva’s Title Match: Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Cam’s Pick-Paige: Shout to my Bish “Pale Ale!” And I mean that affectionately! I LOVE PAIGE! I think everything about her is dope. I wish Eric Bischoff was still around, so he can make her spin the wheel for some H.L.A! All that being said, Paige is actually a very good wrestler and the better Diva’s Title Wrestlemania match is Brie vs. Paige. I absolutely DO NOT want to see Nikki vs. Brie ever, EVER AGAIN!

Bang’s Pick-Nikki: Look, I love ’em both, but Nikki is the hottest diva out right now. She has to hold on to the title. Maybe a Sister vs. Sister match-a-mania since we really didn’t get any closure on their Summerslam feud. I’m taking Nikki.


U.S Title Match: John Cena vs. Rusev

Cam’s Pick- Cena by DQ: I think Cena is just here to build Rusev’s steam for Wrestlemania. I think this match will be better than expected, but Cena wins by DQ. Rusev’s not going to lose his title and his streak at the same time at a new PPV event. IF he did….his contract might as well be up that night! Whatever gets Lana to Wrestlemania, I’m with it. The DQ sets up the new American Hero at the Wrestlemania match. Since Cena is the new Hulk Hogan, it’s only right he wins the title for all the troops that rock with him on the grandest stage of them all.

Cena has gone a long time without a title. Cena can win the U.S title, but I just don’t believe it happens this Sunday.

Bang’s Pick- Cena by Countout: Simple: Rusev isn’t beating Cena clean, and Cena isn’t beating Rusev clean either. This has the makings of a faulty finish leading to Wrestlemania. Why the hell is Cena fighting for the U.S. title anyway? Just doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, Cena Vs. Rusev Two will be Rocky 4 Without the Montages.



Winner Faces Lesnar at Wrestlemania Match: Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

Cam’s Pick- Roman Reigns: I just don’t want to believe that the people have said “YES” so many times that it’s going to cost Roman Reigns his earned title opportunity. Life isn’t fair and that’s not Roman Reigns’ problem. On the low, Reigns has plowed through quite a few “Challenges that make him look ready,” and I expect this to be no different. Since the universe will hate him either way, they can make it look like Bryan gets screwed by the authority in some way. But realistically right now, Bryan losing straight up would make perfect sense to me. Reigns isn’t the first guy to get a chance at the brass ring before people felt it was time. He won’t be the last either.

Roman Reigns shot himself like a torpedo out of a submarine and did the most video game-like spear I’ve ever seen to The Big Show on RAW. That made me believe he’s going to win, head to Wrestlemania and look formidable against Brock Lesnar. This year at Wrestlemania, Paul Heyman will shine on a whole new level because of lack of mic talent!

Bang’s Pick- Nobody: Get ready for another Triple Threat match, ladies and gentlemen. The WWE universe will not accept a rumored Bryan vs. Zigglar match, and doesn’t want to see Roman vs. Brock either. Put Bryan in the main event with Roman and Brock to add the possibly that he will win. Then pull the rug from underneath as Roman reigns supreme at WM31.

Cam’s Final Thought: Fastlane has to be eventful to get us excited about Wrestlemania. I don’t think the cancel page crashes this time but, I do expect these matches to start a build up to lead to a Wrestlemania may won’t appreciate until five or six future ones — at least minus the main event.

Bang’s Final Thought: This will be a filler pay-per-view event just to get over the hump to Wrestlemania 31. Other than a Sting vs. Triple H challenge, I would be surprised if we have some shocking turn of events. But it’s free as long as you sign up for the WWE Network, and more entertaining than the Oscars. I’ll tune in.


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