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As we’ve all learned over time, Marshawn Lynch is a man of very few words. When asked about his awkward silence and treatment of the media, Beastmode told the NFL Network‘s Deion Sanders, “I’m just bout dat action, boss!” Welp, it’s looking like the future hall of famer is now about a different type of action.

A promo for ‘Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story‘ has recently surfaced. The biopic chronicles the life of a young northern California teen using football as his escape from life in the hood. Eventually growing into his own and earning a college scholarship to the University of California, we get an inside look into the life of one of the NFL’s best running backs in recent memory.

The Seattle Seahawks star even makes an appearance in the film, once his character hits the more adult portion of his life.

While the promo page states that this is merely to stir up interest in the biopic, you have to wonder if there is an actual full-length feature somewhere. But just in case this project happens to get greenlit, we hope there’ll be an actual casting call with real actors, because this was pretty bad.

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