The former Seahawks running back, who only showed up to press conferences because he didn't want to be fined, went on Conan Tuesday night to speak on his feelings about the national anthem protest.

It's only been a few months since he retired from the NFL, but Marshawn Lynch is reportedly mulling over a comeback.

Marshawn Lynch's still got it. Lynch hasn't touched the turf since he last played for the Seattle Seahawks in January, but he recently took the field at a football camp to show that he's still in shape.

Marshawn Lynch is most known for his outlandish on-field antics and dicey relationship with the media. But since Lynch’s retirement, plenty of people have raised their eyebrows upon finding out that he hasn’t spent any of the $50 million he made during his NFL career. His cousin, rapper Mistah F.A.B., has been making the media […]

It may very well be impossible to name a retired NFL player more entertaining than Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn found himself at the Andre Ward vs. Sullivan Barrera  fight over the weekend with a few buddies. In fact, he was spotted hanging out with Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Michael B. Jordan and Sway. While walking past the ring, […]


Marshawn may very well be the "King of the Comebacks."

Marshawn Lynch is known for being overtly honest in the media, and now he has plans to do the same off the field. Lynch has been named as an invest in Chronicled, an app that hopes to rid the world of fake sneakers. Chronicled hopes to attempt this huge task by attaching small wearable sensors—Smart Labels—to […]


While people still bug the Seahawks for not handing off to Marshawn Lynch for a surefire Super Bowl-winning touchdown, the NFL is still bugging Lynch for his press-averse persona. Lynch got himself another fine before the season even starts. After Seattle toppled the Packers and Seahawks Nation was good and merry, Lynch again refused to talk to the press. For this act, […]


It’s hard to make a sports movie. So hard, in fact, that good sports movies are rare. You rarely get a Remember The Titans, and Marshawn Lynch‘s biopic Family First, which was announced back in Feburary, definitely wasn’t anywhere near that movie. The promotional trailer dropped in February, and people assumed that it was a joke. It […]


Nothing would’ve been sweeter for Marshawn Lynch than punching in that touchdown to win the Super Bowl. What’s done is done, but what he did at Conan was a pretty good second. Lynch took his love for Skittles to the next level by diving backwards into a pit filled with the flavorful candy. It was beautiful. MORE LINKS […]


In the aftermath of the Seattle Seahawks’ 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, one question remained. With Seattle on the New England one-yard line, why not give the ball to arguably the team’s best player for a chance to score? Apparently, Lynch felt the same way. “To be honest with […]


  As we’ve all learned over time, Marshawn Lynch is a man of very few words. When asked about his awkward silence and treatment of the media, Beastmode told the NFL Network‘s Deion Sanders, “I’m just bout dat action, boss!” Welp, it’s looking like the future hall of famer is now about a different type […]